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Finished garage with grey epoxy flooring and cabinets. Messy garage without garage storage and organization.
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Endless Benefits

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Close up of overhead storage.
Shelving in small garage with bikes hanging up.
Inverted garage shelving holding items and bikes.
Lifetime warranty Shelving

Shelving Solutions

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24'' D-10 Garage Shelving

24" deep shelf, 10 adjustable bar positions.

24'' D-6 Garage Shelving

24" deep shelf, 6 adjustable bar positions.

24" Inverted Shelf

24" deep shelf, great for over windows and doors

shelving customization & accessories

Hooks and Bars

Hook Options

Eight hook types to neatly store items on the wall and off the floor

Adjustable Hooks

Easily and securely snaps on and off the bars. Slides side to side for adjustability

Adjustable Bars

Securely snaps into and out of the brackets. Easy for anyone to use and adjust

Other Shelving and Customization

Popular Accessories

Wire Basket

Store golf balls, baseballs, hand tools and more.

Hose/Cord Holder

Perfect for garden hoses, air hoses, and extension cords.

Gear Bag

Great for helmets, sports gear, exercise equipment, and more.

Sports Bag

Great storage for all ball types, sports equipment, and more.

Adjustable Wall Shelves

Shelves 13" deep and 36" or 44" long. Can mount directly to a wall or suspend from a Monkey Bar.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our shelving systems are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.
finished garage with slatwall
Clean easy to access storage that fits around your vehicle.
Beautifully organized

Design Inspiration

Review how other families have organized their sports equipment, holiday decorations, and more in their garage with garage shelving in Lexington, KY.
Garage Shelving Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

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