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Garage Overhead Storage Lexington

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garage overhead storage
2" Safety Lip
2" lip securely holds all of your storage in its place
Racks can be combined for greater storage capacity
Long & Short-Term Storage
Our overhead racks are built to hold long-term storage items and everyday use items
Industrial Grade
Made from industrial grade steel, these racks can handle anything.
easy access Long-term storage

Limited on Space?

If you're limited on space in your garage, look up! Free up your garage floor space with overhead racks.
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lift up to 400 lbs

Motorized Overhead Storage

Climbing a ladder with a heavy object to store it on a high shelf can be quite challenging and physically demanding. Instead, the 4’ x 8’ Platform Storage Lifter can be controlled by using an application on your cell phone for easy loading and unloading.
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Before & After

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Finished garage with grey epoxy flooring and cabinets. Messy garage without garage storage and organization.
Overhead Storage in Lexington, KY holding storage bins above a garage door.
Open up the available space in your garage

Garage Overhead Storage

Open up the available space in your garage with overhead storage options. Explore how other other garage-space enthusiasts have maximized their space with garage overhead storage in Lexington and surrounding areas.
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